Coffee Buzz

You've got work to do.

Don't sleep.

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Coffee Buzz is the easiest and safest display-sleep preventer available, with simple operation and exclusive Safety Auto-Shutoff feature.

Keeping your Mac awake (and letting it sleep again) is now as simple as a click!

Buzz Mode - Your Mac will not automatically sleep.

Easier than instant.

Off icon



Provides a convenient way to disable sleep effects without having to quit and reopen Coffee Buzz.

Doze Mode icon

Doze Mode

Doze Mode

Allows the display to sleep, but macOS stays responsive and active in the background.

Buzz Mode icon

Buzz Mode

Buzz Mode

Blocks all system and display sleep, and prevents the display from dimming.

Multiple ways to control.

Status Bar Menu
Mini Window
Full-Size Window
Timer setup popover


Unlike real coffee, you get to choose when the caffeine wears off! Choose a preset or pick your own.


Customize how Coffee Buzz works for you. Set up rules to trigger at startup, when you connect or disconnect the power adapter, based on the other apps you use, and more!

Icons of different rule categories

Safety Auto-Shutoff

Staying awake all night is a thing of the past. Coffee Buzz automatically shuts off if left in Buzz Mode for long periods, preventing potential damage to your display.

Coffee Buzz

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